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To avoid looking too neat and 'done', mess up the plaits a little to give them a fluffy feel, leaving some of them looser than others.
The future of her plait - still intact - is less certain, but a pilgrimage to Tibet and installation in a local museum are both under consideration.
Step 2: Split hair into two pigtails and plait each one on the side.
These plait machines produce rolls with an authentic hand-made appearance and will accept a wide variety of dough piece forms dough balls, pinned products, finger rolls and baguette-sized pieces within a weight range extending from 25 to 400g.
You can disguise a bad-hair day with Alexa Chung's messy pigtails or Mrs Beckham's side plait, pull everything out of your face with Sienna's pretty French braid, or - our favourite - dress up any ensemble with Pixie Lott's braided crown.
THE waterfall plait is one of the most captivating plaits and when woven into a simple side bun it manages to transform a normal bun into an elegant masterpiece.
So I've decided my look for summer is the side plait, (or the Sara side plait as the fash mags will prob label it).
AS BEFITTING a L'Oreal ambassador, Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole looked stunning when she appeared at the Cannes Film Fetsival with her hair worn in a loose plait.
But I fear my tonsorial shortcomings are about to be exposed thanks to the arrival of the season's hottest hairstyle - the messy fishtail plait.
Measuring almost 108 feet, the plait was embellished with natural and artificial flowers, zardozi work, fruits, almonds, pistachio, and even dollars.
Delice de France, tel:020 8917 9600, have added three new products to their extensive ready-to-bake range of continental savouries: roast vegetable plait, a frankfurter and mustard lattice, and a spinach, ricotta and Parmesan plait.
Start with a French plait from the nape of the neck above the left ear, then work around the hairline from left to right (braiding from ear to ear), and ensure you bring the hair up to the front of the head as you braid.