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It's best to err on the slightly dough, perfect for neat plaits.
Alisha's mum Amanda, 43, said: "Apparently it's extreme because she has more than one plait, which is ludicrous.
TOP SUMMER TRICK: Take a section either side of your head, create two plaits and join them at the back to create a daisy chain effect.
Emily Blunt's Michael Kors Grecian goddess-style dress, right, was considerably more wearable for mere mortals, while the turqoise accessories and relaxed plaits give the ensemble a cool, quirky edge.
Norris Ogario, founder of Ogario London salon, says: "Braids and plaits always make an appearance at this time of year but this season there's a shift towards multiple braids "Very cute and easy to do, simply plait your hair when wet and leave until nearly dry.
Step 2: Split hair into two pigtails and plait each one on the side.
Among jockeys who have ridden the horses which I look after are David Harrison and Jason Weaver, who as soon as they mount, undo the plaits up the mane.
These plaits are still so culturally loaded that they cause one to speculate about the personalities of their sources, as if they actually had been cut from the heads of women who had grown their hair several feet long.
The trend for plaits is showing no sign of waning and, if these stylish celebrities are anything to go by, it doesn't matter how you wear them this season.
THE waterfall plait is one of the most captivating plaits and when woven into a simple side bun it manages to transform a normal bun into an elegant masterpiece.