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A beautiful golden plait, puffy and plump, seemingly glazed with honey or syrup, with a big dollop of cream.
To avoid looking too neat and 'done', mess up the plaits a little to give them a fluffy feel, leaving some of them looser than others.
Step 2: Split hair into two pigtails and plait each one on the side.
After mentioning this to one of the jockeys while leading him round the parade ring he continued to pull the plaits out further with a grin on his face.
Yes, plaits are a firm favourite on the red carpet, too, and we can see why.
Emily Blunt's Michael Kors Grecian goddess-style dress, near left, was considerably more wearable for mere mortals, while the turqoise accessories and relaxed plaits give the ensemble a cool, quirky edge.
Practical too, as plaits are great for folding away manky locks, but should this hair-do become a hair don't bother once you're past 30?
The hairdresser separated my hair into several plaits so that my hair could be given to the Little Princess Trust.
French or fishtail - plaits and braids are still the big hair trend as we move into autumn.
Also, if you fancy experimenting with plaits and braids then summer is the time.