plan of action

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He also noted that the Plan of Action is "very valuable, because it presents clear objectives in each of the seven areas that are formulated, with very specific lines of action.
The latest plan of action will focus on specific areas with interventions from ministries of WCD, Human Resource Development, Health and Family Welfare, Rural Development, Information and Broadcasting as well as state governments," said an official.
The Regional Plan of Action, on the other hand, "will be a strong impetus to enhance regional cooperation and coordination on this issue.
The final item in the Plan of Action for forestry is a masterpiece of strategic thinking: "Recognize wood as a renewable resource.
Chidambaram said a plan of action was agreed upon to counter the Maoists and would be implemented soon.
The draft political declaration and plan of action was adopted on March 12.
OVER-50s who have caught the fitness bug are helping map out a sporting plan of action in Staffordshire.
Novices are encouraged to examine their own lifelong learning quotient, initiate a dialog on the tenets of lifelong learning, and set a plan of action so that attitudes and skills associated with lifelong learning are furthered in themselves and inculcated in their students.
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's renewed interest in reforming the LAUSD is a good sign, but will be little more than that until he follows it up with a plan of action.
supports the Convention and OAS member states' efforts to aggressively implement it consistent with the implementation of the plan of action.
Are there any companies that can assist me in putting together a plan of action and help me with my job search?

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