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On the one hand, there is Banquo's natural curiosity, the generalized, planless question-raising awakened by the unfamiliar.
For Thomas Mawson: "Improvement Commission Gets Criticism from Landscape Artist," Ottawa Evening Citizen, May 26, 1911, 10; "The Planless Capital" (editorial) Ottawa Citizen, May 26, 1911; "The Ideal Capital City: How to Plan and Build It," Addresses Delivered before the Canadian Club of Ottawa 1911/12 (Ottawa: The Mortimer Press, 1912), 156-74.
Over the past month or so the entire West Indian squad have looked palpably out of place, absolutely planless even, especially the batsmen," he said.
as a by-product of our planless, disordered, bedraggled, drifting democracy," the articles link the "Negro problem" to economic status, especially housing and employment (Chicago iii).
change decision making: (a) planless actions and positive emotions and
Anne also stressed the planless nature of her decision to do a
paths can be both planless and planned, and the initial planlessness in
appeared to be planless initially, taking steps that they did not intend