planned campaign

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He noticed her bosom heaving as she sat with clenched hands, and it was all he could do to conquer the desire to flash his arms out and around her instead of going on with his coolly planned campaign.
This planned campaign which was designed to eradicate the on farm weeds posing serious threats to the profitability of small farmers.
Al Kholi urged the European States to participate in the planned campaign as several countries in the European Union (EU) reject the American President's controversial call.
Keep focus on Brexit IN the 50-plus years of General Elections I have known, even the most carefully planned campaign has its "hiccup" moment.
Two of the main candidates, conservative Francois Fillon and centrist Emmanuel Macron, cancelled planned campaign stops yesterday.
These threats are part of a systematic and planned campaign that began inmid-2015, with the intent to disrupt the work of organizations, defame them,and impact their funding.
Both sides in the EU referendum battle announced that they are suspending planned campaign Prime Minister David Cameron also cancelled a planned EU rally in Gibraltar.
A well-timed and planned campaign can boost product awareness, raise revenue, and perhaps even revive a company or product that was on its way out.
This was a completely planned campaign to target another group.
Chicago, Illinois, United States -- Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign will center on boosting economic security while casting the former senator and secretary of state as a "tenacious fighter'' able to get results, two senior advisers said ahead of her planned campaign launch Sunday.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Jeb Bush's planned campaign for the Republican presidential nomination has suffered a setback with revelations that his wife Columba spent $42,311 (u27,369) in a single day on jewelry including a Bulgari diamond bracelet.
NNA - President Barack Obama abruptly canceled a planned campaign trip Wednesday and planned to convene his Cabinet at the White House instead, as U.