planned course of action

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Winston Castelo "Natural disasters such as typhoons, storm surges, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, among others, are bound to happen in significant frequency that would necessitate a more definitive, purposive, and planned course of action on the part of the government, at the national, regional and local levels," Rep.
Imran Khan said he was putting off his planned course of action for the next 24 hours, as the Army Chief asked him to do so.
IT IS a mark of leadership to change direction when evidence emerges that a planned course of action is too risky.
C*) it is not connected to any conscious objective vision, premeditation or planned course of action, and is not ruled by any political or non-political awareness - it is the expression of an exceptional state of affairs in every sense"C* As for the opposition, it on the other hand "only works by the logic of politics, which is itself based on dialogue and negotiation to reach settlements or halfway solutions that partially satisfy, at least the parties in conflict.
However, the former Premiership whistler has urged SPL officials to rethink their planned course of action as he reckons it will only make a volatile situation worse.
Each year we identified the issues that needed reinforcement or attention and developed a planned course of action, involving groups of employees in the process.
Copy of internal annual SOH program assessment with determined trends and planned course of action (recommend review by DHs, XO and CO) (retain for 2 years)
As a planned course of action, many corporate cultures pit the interests of employees against those of the company and seek to gain an advantage over customers.
A second big break took place soon after, and again, it arose more from luck and coincidence than any planned course of action.
Just as important as implementing the planned course of action is monitoring the success of those actions.
We have a detailed, planned course of action for Rounder and are focused on long-term success.