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CPA financial planners are often recognized for their ability to bridge business and personal finance issues.
Planners and City Council members delivered the city's official stance against the project to the Los Angeles County Regional Planning Commission during a hearing last week on Transit Mixed Concrete Co.
Today's planners face new and challenging issues related to growth and change.
Though it might not sound very romantic, experts encourage young couples to consult a financial planner before marriage to devise a comprehensive plan.
Planners also are pushing for activity around the creek to be limited to ``passive recreation,'' for the creation of buffer zones to protect the habitat, and for developers to be under order to replant the creek and preserved floodplain if they disturb the area, according to the report.
EXPERIENCED PLANNERS suggest newcomers to the field personally try out different PFP software packages to understand how they work.
QA My mother has never sat down with a financial planner and has a very complicated history, including bankruptcy, real estate, tax and credit burdens, and other dependents whom she wants to prepare for the future.
Don't touch long-term investments since their lengthy time frame will allow you to ride out the ups and downs of the market, said Cynthia Meyers, a certified financial planner in Sacramento.
CPA--financial planners usually recommend a specific course of action to solve a particular problem.
For both the initial and subsequent phase, Money Concepts planners and advisors have access to the goal-based application, NaviPlan Standard.
You can call the Institute of Certified Financial Planners (ICFP) at 800-282-PLAN or tap into their Website at www.