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Then my planning was interrupted by the return of Montgomery to my neighbourhood.
You would like very well to be in a good ship dancing upon the waves of that emerald-green sea; you would like very well, either on land or on the ocean, to lay for me one of those nice little ambuscades you are so skillful in planning.
There are a lot of situations where, especially in a small company, day-to-day roles of a fiduciary may not be spelled out in one's job description," says Framson, who edited the AICPA's Personal Financial Planning Committee's Prudent Investment Practices: A Handbook for Investment Fiduciaries.
Of course, the sudden yanking of funds by budget-slashing political newcomers is not the only ill that can befall a well-intended strategic planning process.
It also offers several examples of disaster prevention and planning initiatives from Canadian and international organizations.
New York also keeps its emergency planning in the hands of city officials.
There is a lot of confusion and we've been troubled by what they want to do,'' said Pamela Holt, administrator for advanced planning for the county.
Planning can be described as "knowing where you are today, deciding where you want to go, determining how to get there and monitoring your progress along the way.
The success or failure of the planning process hinges on administrators first answering several critical questions.
Many companies set up an employee benefits planning committee comprised of management and line employees," says Jeff Boyle, senior vice president of business trust services for Union Bank of California.
We have a committee that is responsible for strategic planning and they make recommendations that are often ignored by upper management.
A Plan must be "In accordance with sound planning policy" in order for it to be adopted by the city.