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Is it an unreasonable conjecture, that the errors which may be contained in the plan of the convention are such as have resulted rather from the defect of antecedent experience on this complicated and difficult subject, than from a want of accuracy or care in the investigation of it; and, consequently such as will not be ascertained until an actual trial shall have pointed them out?
The fellow knew his master's plans sufficiently well to understand that he had done something to arouse the ire of the Big Bwana and that it would fare ill with them all if they were overtaken in Big Bwana's country.
I do not say," replied Andrea, "that you never make a good one; but let us see your plan.
Astor would be able to put his plans into operation; and, that key to the internal trade once in their possession, the whole country would be at their command.
Celia was present while the plans were being examined, and observed Sir James's illusion.
Plan after plan he formed only to discard each either as impracticable, or unworthy the vengeance his wrongs demanded.
And so it was that they came to Singapore without the girl having the slightest conception of her father's plans.
I also have a life-saving mortar with which we might be able to throw a line over the summit of the cliffs; but this plan would necessitate one of us climbing to the top with the chances more than even that the line would cut at the summit, or the hooks at the upper end would slip.
Have you altered the plans of the projectile according to the request of the telegram?
Then, at the first convenient opportunity, she went down herself, intending to repack her belongings and store them properly in the local warehouse: the plan had been amateurish and a failure.
The carrying out of Levin's plan presented many difficulties; but he struggled on, doing his utmost, and attained a result which, though not what he desired, was enough to enable him, without self-deception, to believe that the attempt was worth the trouble.
He revolved a thousand plans by which he should be enabled to prolong the deceit until it might be no longer necessary, and secretly to take his daughter with him when he departed.