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This suggests Sputnik Planum is not an anomaly -- that Pluto has been geologically active throughout much of its more than 4-billion-year history.
Data also shows the presence of nitrogen, methane and carbon monoxide ice at the center of Sputnik Planum.
Vassar dokumentierte die Herdstelle nur im Planum (mithilfe von Skizzen), Schmiedehelm lieferte spater auch Profilschnitte.
While chronicling the scientific discoveries made by both rovers over the years, Squyres discussed the recent finding of suspected gypsum near the rim of Endeavour Crater --a region of Meridiani Planum that Opportunity has been studying since 2011--and the discovery of clays that likely formed in a pH-neutral wet environment in Mars' past.
Spirit and Opportunity landed on Mars in 2004; the latter is still sending back data from the Meridiani Planum, a vast plain near the Martian equator.
Yapilan calismalarda sol posterior planum temporalenin tekst ve melodi senkronizasyonunda isitsel merkez olarak goreve katki sagladigi one surulmekte, icten sarki ve tekst soyleme, sarki ve konusmalarin pasif dinlenmesinde ortak alan oldugu bildirilmektedir.
of Noctis Lacus or Syria Planum (aka Nox Lux), and over Arsia Mons in the south and Lunae Lacus and Ascraeus Mons in the north, the martian 'W' cloud is formed.
Sit DCE Trochoides ad 1/2 circulum BCY pertinens quae planum horizontale tangat in C insistens ei normaliter.
Eryngium planum 'Tetra Petra' This Eryngium has the most wonderful spiky silver leaves that sparkle in the sun.
This image, taken by the microscopic imager on the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity, shows a geological region of the rock outcrop at Meridiani Planum, Mars dubbed "El Capitan.
The excavation strategy employed was the planum method, which in this case proceeded in 15cm thick spits, despite the existence of a clear stratigraphy.