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But Prof Gordon Mackay, from the Ross Hall hospital in Glasgow, wanted to find a way of avoiding the musclewasting and inconvenience of plaster casts, boots and slings.
Undated image of Arnold Machin taking a clay impression and, below, the white plaster cast sculpture that is thought to be the most reproduced stamp portrait of all time and celebrates its 40th anniversary this year
One of the younger vets to show up was Dirk Ortega, who came in a wheelchair, his left foot and leg in a plaster cast from what he said was a service-related injury.
A teenager was caught with cannabis hidden in his plaster cast as he visited a friend in Parc Prison.
Pictured left, Paul Blackman and Neil White from Phoenix Bronze Art are seen preparing to make a plaster cast of the flank section.
Revealing the sapling encapsulated within a 5 tonne tree trunk (Cedre de Versailles, 2000-2003), separating form and skin in anatomical plaster cast and video projections (Thorax, Pied and Yeux, 1972-73), or meticulously replicating natural boulders (Etre fleuve).
Souness, 50, who had a plaster cast placed on his badly-injured right arm and hand, said last night: "I can confirm there was a discussion.
In 43 cases, duration of plaster cast immobilization was 4 to 6 weeks.
The piece had begun life as a duet for male dancer and giant mobile--a cupped form resembling a white seashell or a plaster cast of an ear or the model of a nebula.
At the second ortho appointment, the young surgeon discontinued my Frankenstein footwear and ordered me to wear a regular plaster cast for the next 7 to 10 weeks.
A man wearing a plaster cast on his arm who was detained and searched by customs agents at Miami International Airport on 27 February was found to be carrying 2.
Roger found a set of pawprints and took a plaster cast of one of them.