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The fatigue crack in all three joint types was found to initiate in the plastically deformed region close to the interface of the rivet and aluminum sheet.
Based on this tradeoff between cost and benefit of current and future reproduction, reproductive females of iteroparous pond-breeding amphibians may plastically alter timing of opposition or forgo opposition in response to water reduction of aquatic habitats.
In limit analysis theory, soil is assumed to deform plastically according to the normality rule associated with the Mohr-Coulomb yield criterion (e.
Ashby, "The deformation of plastically non-homogeneous materials," Philosophical Magazine, vol.
Thus, the last term of Equation 1 must be modified for the case where the tip indents the surface plastically.
Gas metal arc welding (GMAW) is widespread for plastically deformed or closed parts of the automobile body and is frequently used where the part geometry restricts the application of resistance spot welding (RSW) or when the design requires supplementary joint strength and stiffness.
In January 2009, an average household was plastically indebted to the extent of $19,000; the figure has come down to $15,706 in March 2015.
After the polystyrene concrete reaches its relatively low peak compressive strength, the matrix behaves much more plastically.
The decohesion phase may present as one of the four possible scenarios whereby the crack will propagate as follows: (i) the plastically weaker material (WM) to the plastically stronger material (SM), WM-SM, (ii) the plastically weaker material (WM) to the plastically stronger interlayer (SI), WM-SI, (iii) the plastically stronger material (SM) to the plastically weaker material (WM), SM-WM, and (iv) the plastically stronger material (SM) to the plastically weaker interlayer (WI), SM-WI.
The shockwaves emitted from the collapsing bubbles impose high strain on the surface, deforming the surface plastically and creating erosion pits.
Metallic glass deforms plastically by the formation of what are called shear bands.
The material has less ability to deform plastically, and the fracture of the material is probable.