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In fact, any thermal expansion will help align the locating ring in the platen by reducing the amount of clearance.
Super-finish platens work exactly the same as a regular platen head but they use a Chevron belt between the platen and the sanding belt.
Some users of hand-fed platen presses have already implemented suitable safety solutions that have been approved by HSE.
A retrofittable locating feature on the mould carrier beam keeps the heater platen lined up with the tool.
Operators simply place a subject's hand on the platen without having to prepare the hand with oil or water or move the hand on the platen at a specific system dictated speed.
As the platens warm up they change in size and if they do not expand evenly, you can get wear on the parting line, the platen itself, and the mold--and don't forget the debars.
The move required the design of a new conveying and handling system to transport the loaded platen out of the drop section to the new fitting position, relocating the manipulator (and standby manipulator), implementing a new light guard array to the new position and a means of returning the platen to the drop section for onward despatch.
Desire for precise temperature control over the entire heating platen is paramount.
The HPM Division of Taylor's Industrial Services has a rotating, movable platen option for its Freedom Series injection molding machines that can reduce cycle time for insert molding, multicolor, coinjection and other processing by 30% to 35% and improve productivity by up to 133%, says HPM.
The CanoScan LiDE 50 joins the CanoScan LiDE 20 and CanoScan LiDE 30 (announced July 25) to complete Canon's full-featured platen flatbed scanner line.
The platens ride on linear bearings for "outstanding" platen parallelism and an oil-free molding area.
The firm has also expanded its machining capabilities to provide fast turnaround of custom fabricated platen insulation.