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It seems platitudinous to claim that one does not make a morally appropriate decision if one behaves in a way one knows is morally wrong.
But his popularity among more orthodox Catholics is immense and growing, and taken all in all, his feisty editorializing is a badly needed counter-balance to the dreary platitudinous blandness that is the hallmark of so much of the official Church-speak that we routinely hear and read.
I would say instead that Tolkien's work fitting perfectly the abstract theories even though the Modernist critics who make the theories--like Edmund "Bunny" Wilson--hate Tolkien's work shows that the Modernist theories are platitudinous bilge.
Rather, those bodies seem opposed to the very notion of revealing any concrete reasons for determinations of unsuitability, beyond the generalized statement of standards and the platitudinous phrase "comprehensive" "assessment of the entire person.
I do disagree with one of Palmer's propositions, and this disagreement points toward a chief cause of the platitudinous quality that makes most of his essay dull reading: "In my view, the cognitive approach is the basis of all the others.
This platitudinous form of a basic fairness problem is transformed into one of acute interests in the Ultimatum Game, invented by Werner Gueth mad tested by him and others in many cunningly devised experiments.
Moreover, I suggested, almost 13 years ago, that the SEC require by rule that proxy statements contain an essay from each board candidate explaining why he adds value to, and would be a good director for, that board--on the hope that such a required essay might contain not "vision statements" or similar platitudinous vapor but, instead, an election plea based on the candidate's personal and professional competencies ("Two Modest Proposals," Winter 1998).
Refusing to conform to the platitudinous moralism demanded by the bourgeois public, the conventional tropes of mass taste, or the social utopianism of an exhausted romanticism, they carved out their own space, a space whose slogan, "art for art's sake," proclaimed that they were not prepared to bow to the demands of the general public.
Despite the garish cover, there is plenty of humour, sometimes quite glib, a sense of isolation with belonging, a fairly platitudinous rounding out of all problems but the story should appeal to its mainly male target audience.
Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer, wrote Kagan, "appreciated that, for them (as for most), the safest and surest route to the prize lay in alternating platitudinous statement and judicious silence.
Me, I'd say more fool to those willing to pay the ex-PM pounds 100,000 a pop for platitudinous pap.
Some might argue that this does not matter as children's services professionals needed a good shake-up but a straw poll would undoubtedly reveal many complaints: the arrogant manner, the dismissal of experience, the obsession with process and unattainable targets, the focus on child protection, the tidal wave of guidance, the DCFS monolith, the plethora of agencies, the platitudinous publications and the detachment of practice from theory.