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Once past the platitudinous "Man" and "Legend," tacking on "Lawsuit" as a hook leaves the reader to search for a single chapter devoted to at least one standout legal proceeding Corcoran has been involved in over the past 20 years.
And occasionally platitudinous justification is pronounced by the likes of Donald Rumsfeld, played with perfectly pompous bravado by Robert Langdon Lloyd.
Behind that almost platitudinous statement is the fact that, according to Chilean political scientist Ricardo Israel, Chile's involvement in Haiti and its interest in the institutional and economic reconstruction of the island nation "marked a radical change in its foreign policy.
While far from avant-garde and verging on platitudinous, such a suggestion nevertheless serves as a reminder that one of the responsibilities of teaching is to inspire in students--or at least to attempt to inspire in them--the same interest that led the teachers to pursue the subject in the first place.
Finally, in chapters 5-6, Wittreich proceeds toward a direct critical engagement with the text of Samson Agonistes itself, which he views as designed "to frustrate, not foster, platitudinous Christianity" (194), and which embodies a post-Restoration critique of "Samson as Dan, Samson as Israel, Samson as Christ, Samson as Cromwell/Milton, [and] Samson as England" (198).
To Adams, this is apparently indistinguishable from Morris's much drearier ruminations on the political necessities of the founding, which are deadly earnest and quite platitudinous.
He comes across as a phoney, consumed by rancour and bitterness, a self righteous platitudinous poseur only too ready to dish the dirt on Princess Diana,and helped in his endeavour by those gullible enough to buy into his tawdry tales of turgid tosh.
Platitudinous reporting will never lead to progress.
And though it digs deep in portraying herd mentality, the play eventually settles for the platitudinous and predictable.
Anything less is just a load of spurious platitudinous nonsense, insulting not consoling, and guaranteed to wipe out any remaining scintilla of respect for those who set themselves up as the supposed managers of society.
For reasons of self-preservation, candidate policy platforms are even more platitudinous and vacuous than election platforms so speculating as to whether any of them would offer a better defence programme than present is a fool's game.
So let the authorities give us less platitudinous claptrap, designed to reassure an outraged public without actually doing anything practical, and belatedly take meaningful preventative action to allow the citizens of Birmingham to travel in safety.