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In her concurrence, Sotomayor gave a potentially useful analysis and several specific boundaries, or comparisons for administrative review, including "deferring to prison officials' reasoning when that deference is due--that is, when prison officials offer a plausible explanation for their chosen policy that is supported by whatever evidence is reasonably available to them.
The fact that Prime Minister accepted the possibility to form a transit government, without VMRO-DPMNE in it, understands that it is plausible.
En la primera, se examinaran cinco propiedades tipicas del concepto de plausibilidad, las cuales tienen raices historicas profundas y se mencionan de manera recurrente en la literatura filosofica: 1) La relatividad a una audiencia; 2) la representacion de la fuerza argumentativa en una escala numerica; 3) la sensibilidad a la introduccion de nueva informacion; 4) la posibilidad de realizar inferencias a partir de contradicciones, y 5) la separacion entre lo plausible y lo verdadero.
This concept of plausible reasoning is crucial to his view of free will, because (i) it is the claimed basis of the vast array of beliefs that humans have, (ii) it is the claimed basis as well for forming decisions to act based on such beliefs, and (iii) as non-algorithmic it fits well with an indeterministic account of consciousness.
Rather than first predicting the future in order to act upon it, decision makers may now gain a systematic understanding of their best near-term options for shaping a long-term future while fully considering many plausible futures.
Their theory is no more plausible than the version sanctioned by the Church, they admit, but considering the paucity of evidence, neither is it any less plausible.
Written by philosophy teacher Mitchell Silver, A Plausible God: Secular Reflections on Liberal Jewish Theology is a studious, serious-minded discussion for intermediate to advanced students, scholars, and practitioners of religious philosophy.
Supporters of smoking bans have been competing to answer that question, with each claim less plausible than the last.
But it's tricky to prosecute pay-to-play politics because plausible deniability is always maintained.
A more plausible Pauline argument from silence pertaining to Jesus' marital status can be found in 1 Cor 7:25, where the apostle admits that he had received no guidance about celibacy from traditions about Jesus.
Their "symptoms" are typical of actual medical conditions and their history is dramatic yet plausible, but no pathology can be found on imaging and other investigations.
Hailey says, "The approach does seem to me plausible, though substantial additional data will be required to validate it.