plausible excuse

See: alibi
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If there is a plausible excuse for the worship of men, then by all means let us forgive Rubens and his brethren.
He could find no more plausible excuse than that for concealing his face in shadow from the scrutiny of the two men on either side of him.
An unresisting victim is not a pleasant thing; whether the murder is done decorously in the drawing- room, or brutally on the highway, there should be a struggle to give some plausible excuse for taking a life.
He begged hard, and said he couldn't play -- a plausible excuse, but too thin; there wasn't a musician in the country that could.
I wonder will he have the heart to find a plausible excuse for making love to Miss, when he told you he hated her?
Their way led in the direction of his camp, so he had a ready and plausible excuse should they discover him; but they had not seen him for they had not turned their eyes behind.
But always she had been met with a plausible excuse or a direct refusal.
She refused, without plausible excuse, to appear at a charity concert to which she had promised her assistance.
Specious arguments of danger to the common liberty could easily be contrived; plausible excuses for the deficiencies of the party could, without difficulty, be invented to alarm the apprehensions, inflame the passions, and conciliate the good-will, even of those States which were not chargeable with any violation or omission of duty.
Your delays when getting to work and driving home equate to two stops at traffic lights so you had better find a more plausible excuse to give to your boss.
This gives a plausible excuse to the entire team of the directorate for not performing their due duties in this regard.
So I gave her some private tuition, which was a very plausible excuse for retiring into the front room of her parents' house.