play act

See: pretend
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Andrew Cuomo for signing the New York State Commercial Goods Industry Fair Play Act (A5237B/S5867) and giving the Empire State the strongest worker misclassification legislation in the country.
The Fair Play Act redefines the definition of an employee in the commercial trucking industry, protecting commercial goods transportation employees from being misclassified.
MARTIN JOL insists no Fulham player would play act in the way that saw Moussa Dembele sent off in a loss to Wisla Krakow last month.
For moviegoers and summer Shakespeare festival enthusiasts, Shakespeare For Dummies describes each of the major characters and then summarizes the play act by act in each of Shakespeare's surviving comedies and tragedies.
We're quick to jump down the throats of ``foreigners'' who play act and dive.
I feel I have to play act in real life and I suspect most people feel that way.
Perhaps it's true if the manager says I'm a better player this season because I don't play act as much," said Ronaldo.
But the play acts out the drunk druggist's slapping of young George - played by Kasey Conde - for failing to deliver a prescription the boy knew is poisonous.
Despite the London- based station's refusal to play acts such as Boyzone, Virgin bosses said last night that WestLife could break the mould.