play down

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Don''t play down by the railway, listen to whatmumand dad say Cos I went toplay by the railway, and Iwon''t be home today.
Higgins so anxious to play down the Pope's September 8 address in his article for the anti-family, pro-abortion, pro-same-sex Globe and Mail?
Mathis) just had a tough play down the third-base line and I think it was a good opportunity with Casey going there to pick up Mathis with that.
Far greater disclosure is now required under Sarbanes-Oxley, and companies that have tried to play down or gloss over exposures have sometimes found themselves consumed by the resulting problems, he added.
With his philosophy, rematerialisierung der Modern, Mackler seems to want to play down the iconic and revive site specific and appropriate architecture, in the original spirit of the Modern Movement.
PATRICK VIEIRA'S agent continues to play down speculation linking the Arsenal skipper with a move to Real Madrid.
You are trying to play down the wrongs done by Africans like Taylor by focusing on the part played by the Western world.
Richard House, director of play Down Dog said: "We went down to London to do some rehearsals because the play is set there.