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The "Fair Play Fair Pay Act" seeks tocreate "a modern and uniform system of rules governing music licensing for digital and terrestrial radio broadcasts.
Employers must play fair and play safe, or public safety will be put at risk and the families of night workers will suffer.
The EU list will be our tool to deal with third countries that refuse to play fair.
Rural Economy Secretary Fergus Ewing has called on the UK Government to play fair by Scotlands dairy farmers in its allocation of EU emergency funding.
At the same time, Cortez urged Liberal Party standard bearer Mar Roxas, whom he accused of being behind the string of disqualification cases against the senator, to play fair.
Van Barneveld was raging at the accusation and said: "He blamed me for stamping but I always play fair and square.
For by agreeing to do their own previous work for them We help them to reduce and employ far less staff This must increase their huge profit margins by a quite considerable degree And allow fat cat bosses to smile all the way to the bank Which even in a greedy capitalist society like ours Is surely behaviour quite unpleasant and rank So the supermarkets should play fair and square with the general public When we scan our own purchases for whatever the amount And agree to be fair and reasonable in the circumstances By awarding us a very well-earned discount
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Russia's chief of foreign affairs called on countries preparing the possible Syria peace conference to play fair and abstain from double standards.
I urge the council to play fair by these small local traders and enable their customers to park more easily outside their shops.
6 billion from their in-market competitors that opt to play fair by using genuine software.
5 billion from their in-market competitors that choose to play fair by using genuine software.
Businesses warned to play fair with Olympic Games opportunities Page 6 Construction firm fights back against the industry gloom Page 9 MEP not going quietly in battle for EU referendum despite Commons defeat Page 20 MP's mayoral bid causes by-election headache for Labour chiefs Page 21 Everything was above Bard.