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Broad laughs don't only drown out wry grins, they play havoc with characterisation.
IT MUST play havoc with the house prices when your neighbourhood is famous for mob killings.
RAIN continued to play havoc with the tournaments on both sides of the Atlantic, but the outlook was last night decidedly sunny for backers of New Orleans Classic favourite Phil Mickelson, writes Bruce Millington.
Many ice-hockey teams play on outdoor rinks, but a rule that games can't start if it is colder than minus 15 can play havoc with the schedule.
I couldn't allow the whole community to be over-assessed; it was going to play havoc with property values.
The company has digested more than a dozen acquisitions in less than five years, something that can play havoc with a retailer's distribution, yet Pao de Acucar has managed to avoid such chaos.
A 10-hour flight compounded by an eight-hour time difference can play havoc with the constitution of a traveler who jets from Los Angeles to London.
His findings may have implications for other people whose irregular work schedules play havoc with their sleep cycles, says Cho.