play safe

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The Eat Smart, Play Safe program educates parents about the importance of a well-rounded diet that includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and healthy fats for their young athletes.
A team of Denver dermatologist volunteers from the Women's Dermatologic Society (WDS) launched an educational campaign, "Families Play Safe in the Sun.
Most docs suggest players with head injuries undergo at least a week of observation before playing again and Hearts' medical men are likely to play safe.
For the brave, a goalless draw looks overpriced at 8-1 with Stan James while for those wanting to play safe Gamebookers' 3-5 for the sides to share fewer than 2.
Playground industry organizations have taken action and teamed up with Weekly Reader to create the Play Smart, Play Safe curriculum for kindergarten students.
Dear Editor, - What we have now is leadership by committee and we know how committees work - slow, play safe, look over the shoulder, political Click our email button at icbirmingham.
Children are being urged to play safe this summer and avoid entering building sites by property developer Barratt Homes.
Our hope is that we can persuade youngsters to play safe this summer.
Do you play safe with tested standards, or try to show your unique qualities with fresh creations?
Don't bring woods to save your back, keep moving but play safe, don't take practice swings to save your strength, pace yourself, play out-of-bounds shots as a two-stroke penalty and hit the second shot from where first went out.
The Halifax suggests you play safe with top-ups by noon on February 22.