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Sylvester played Mr Beaver in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe for the RSC in London six years ago and will play The Fool in King Lear.
JOSE REINA is determined not to play the fool against Manchester United at Anfield tomorrow .
I may play the fool but I know exactly what's needed for next season and I'm prepared to make the tough decisions.
But Almereyda is not afraid to play the fool in attempting to tease from his subject some definitive statement about the relationship of his photographs to the real world or his emotional response to music (Eggleston is a mean man at the keyboard).
Clive Hayward, the Eric-type, the friend who just wants to play the fool.
Paul's three roommates are loathsome, obnoxious jerks who delight in tormenting and belittling him and making him play the fool.
The British are forced to play the fool, while ambition and greed rule.