play truant

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PM Gordon Brown has revealed he was hit with a belt at school - for plotting to play truant to watch a football match.
The 2002 Mori Youth Justice survey showed those who play truant are more likely to offend than those that do not, with two-thirds (65%) of truants having offended compared to less than a third (30%) of those who have not played truant.
The fines double to pounds 100 if not paid within 28 days and are a last resort before taking legal action against parents whose children continue to play truant.
A mother who admitted letting her children play truant more than 300 times in six months was spared jail yesterday.
Despite getting into trouble with truancy officers and the police, Becky continued to play truant for about 18 months.
Controversial on-the-spot fines for the parents of children who repeatedly play truant are set to be introduced in Worcestershire in a bid to clamp down on school absence.
A MIDLAND mum could become only the second parent in Britain to be jailed for allowing their child to play truant - after keeping her 13 year-old daughter off school for more than TWO years.
LAWYERS acting for a mother who was jailed for allowing her children to play truant from school will today seek her release from custody.
3) Remind your child that it's the law they have to go to school - and that YOU could end up in trouble if they play truant.
If you operate this system, you are encouraging children to play truant.
A MUM will be arrested if she fails to appear in court today accused of letting her son play truant.