play truant

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Education Secretary Michael Gove will unveil the clampdown within days - but he will stop short of withdrawing child-benefit payments from the parents of children who regularly play truant, an idea floated by Downing Street last year.
PARENTS whose youngsters play truant are to get an e-mail or text call to alert them.
A mother is likely to spend Christmas behind bars after being jailed for eight weeks for allowing her 13-year-old son to play truant.
In a bid to get them to mend their ways, kids who play truant at Cardiff's Llanedeyrn High School are being offered the chance to go to Old Trafford to meet Wayne Rooney.
She said: "Youngsters who play truant will miss out in the future.
TONY Blair is thinking of taking child benefit cash from parents who let their kids play truant.
It is thought 80,000 children a year play truant in Scotland.
3) Remind your child that it's the law they have to go to school - and that YOU could end up in trouble if they play truant.
We're not suggesting that's the best way to deal with the 6000 kids who play truant on the average school day.
PM Gordon Brown has revealed he was hit with a belt at school - for plotting to play truant to watch a football match.
A MUM will be arrested if she fails to appear in court today accused of letting her son play truant.
The 2002 Mori Youth Justice survey showed those who play truant are more likely to offend than those that do not, with two-thirds (65%) of truants having offended compared to less than a third (30%) of those who have not played truant.