play upon

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As this project was grounded in the interpretivist qualitative research paradigm, discursive interpretivist approach was employed to interrogate how parental and domestic agencies, can play upon the aspirations of young girls for higher education in both complex and subtle ways.
examine the popularity of the films Jaws, Field of Dreams, The Big Lebowski, and The Godfather, as well as the less popular film The Village, showing that they engage audiences because the play upon underlying tensions and problems in American culture.
The tone emerges from her deliberate play upon creole and pidgin English as well as her own background--she is an accomplished spoken-word artist.
It's a lusty song about how we've all got a wicked side to us and we kind of play upon it.
LOOKING For Yoghurt, the play upon which the game was based, is an international project bringing together actors and teams from the UK, Korea and Japan.
Shakespeare based the play upon the legendary pre-historic Celtic chieftain, Leir of the Brythons, whose life the medieval Welsh historian Geoffrey of Monmouth recounted in his Historia Regum Britanniae (The History of the Kings of Britain).
For instance, his plots frequently play upon classic schemata only to frustrate or subvert expectations (see, for example, discussion of L'Ecole des peres, pp.
Freedom of expression can not be used as licence to deliberately play upon the heartfelt sentiments of people.
Head promoter at Barfly Paula Stewart said: "The Barfly and the Zanzibar have decided to team up to bring the Seel Street Festival and offer bands a stage to play upon on the two days Mathew Street Festival was scheduled for.
Hussein's statements appeared to be an attempt to play upon resentment among many Sunni and Shi'ite Arabs for what they believe to be overly assertive Kurdish nationalist demands.
It has previously been reluctant to play upon its links with the TV show, epitomised by the cult song Spare, Wonderful Spare.
The cynical political forces that scare the populace with annual Sputnik hysteria play upon an unhealthy fear of foreigners and a neurotic national identity.