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Because the Doctor has this child-like quality, a curiosity about the universe and everything in it, and that sense of fun, and playfulness.
Sicart explores both of these interpretations as he weaves through a comprehensible discussion of the matters of play and playfulness and contextualizes them in discussions of toys and playgrounds, and computers in play.
com)-- Sarah Wallner, celebrity stylist and Musotica's CEO, has gathered some sexy new Halloween costumes to celebrate the whimsy and playfulness of childhood with cartoon inspired outfits.
For example, personal innovativeness and individual playfulness have been found to significantly influence the intention to use new technology and Internet shopping channels (Ahn, Ryu, & Han, 2007; Bigne-Alcaniz, 2008; Hsu, Chang, & Chen, 2012).
A playful path is what we travel when we bring playfulness into the world.
Writing about the massive symptoms of poisonousness of students from Gostivar, Katerina Neskova wonders in Dnevnik whether it is a matter of teenage playfulness for missing classes or, whether it is a "dangerous" political game.
Einstein's playfulness Dear Sir, Gulf Times The article, "New insights into Einstein's brain" (, October 14) quoted a neuroscientist as cautioning that there is much more to genius than either cerebral brawn or ceaseless exercise of the grey matter.
Dumb, incredibly offensive playfulness, but playfulness nonetheless.
A woman's playfulness may signal her youth and fertility.
Washington, August 6 ( ANI ): Playfulness may serve an evolutionary role in human mating preferences by signalling positive qualities to potential long-term mates, a new study has revealed.
The essays aim at discovering the manifestations of the playful beyond the more obvious sphere and they may be divided into three groups: firstly, those dealing with the playful within sacred spaces, which ask how this playfulness may pertain to the more overtly devotional aspects of word, art, and architecture; secondly, those addressing the playfulness of anthropomorphism, the grotesque, and even the scatological in the hope of explaining certain aspects of the transgression of cultural norms; and thirdly, those focusing on wordplay, that is, the fun and threat of slippery language.
Feeney announces his bold scholarly intentions in the first line of his Preface: "In presenting the playfulness of Gerard Manley Hopkins I want, quite simply and frankly, to change the way Hopkins is read as a poet and known as a person" (xv).