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MATT Le Blanc is blaming his old Friends habits for playing havoc with his diet and fitness regime.
But time - and children - have a way of playing havoc with one's priorities.
THE weather is still playing havoc with B&Q's business.
Meanwhile, Tina Hobley, who plays barmaid Sam Failsworth, is to leave the Street because it's playing havoc with her love life as she gears up for her wedding.
Ken Behring says he has some grand designs for the relocation of his Seattle Seahawks to Southern California, but legal entanglements in Seattle are playing havoc with the specifics.
HOW can Southampton afford to keep hold of Gordon Strachan when his imminent departure is playing havoc with the minds of his players?
Biking barmaid Tina Hobley is leaving Coronation Street - because the role is playing havoc with her love life as she gears up for a real-life wedding.
A large protrusion on Hermitage Street approximately 50 feet south of Chandler Boulevard in Valley Village is playing havoc with cars.
MELTDOWN: Global warming is playing havoc with the snow on Everest
OLIVIER DACOURT admitted last night Leeds' hectic schedule at home and abroad is playing havoc with his social life.