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The playlet is also known as "Panawagan" (calling out) in Tagalog provinces; in Bicol it is known as "Kagharong" or "Panharongharong" (going from house to house).
Hieronimo's Soliman and Perseda playlet serves the same function as the dramatic initiation rite in The Golden Ass.
In off-stage competitions, other Ynys Mon members scored points for the federation, including: Composition - Nia Wyn Efans, Penmynydd YFC (3rd); Write a playlet - Mared Huws, Rhosybol YFC, (2nd); Limerick - Manon Dafydd, Penmynydd YFC (2nd); Art 3D sculpture - Aron Horman, Rhosybol YFC (2nd); Sentence - Catrin Roberts, Penmynydd YFC (2nd).
The program's summary of the Elizabethan playlet is a good example of the parodic nature of the pageant:
7) It can only be conjectured that Shakespeare's precursor playlet may have served as an inspiration to Gale.
Sean Benjamin, the writer who wrote the Carter playlet, wrote in a script note, "My favorite president ever.
But this turns out to be possibly the most structurally complex playlet of the lot, with overtones of emotional and physical cruelty in addition to inscrutable questions of identity.
Jones, Betws yn Rhos; Folk Song - Mali Elwy, Llansannan; Pop song - Eluned Evans, Nantglyn; Two or Three voice party - Uwchaled; Humorous dialogue on spot - Dafydd Parry and Elis Jones, Ruthin; Cerdd Dant - Llansannan boys; Playlet - Mali and Ianto Williams, Llansannan; Solo under 26 - Sion Eilir Roberts, Ruthin; humorous duet - Ifan Roberts and Glain V.
3) In these readings, Hieronimo's deadly playlet of Soliman and Perseda is usually interpreted as a reenactment of the confused languages in the biblical story of the Tower of Babel.
Their chatter had swiftly turned to silence, and it was obvious that the clerk and I had an attentive audience for our little playlet.
Moses Hadas") formally introduce each two-person playlet, while jaunty Scott Joplin ragtime tunes inject notes of ironic buffoonery.