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Kree Harrison wore the Fascinate 2018 rhinestone encrusted knee high leather boots by Pleaser USA on her April 17, 2013 performance of "She Talks to Angels".
With a strong emphasis on newer energy efficient "Green" pool technology, The Pool Pleaser clients enjoy savings of a $100 a month in utilities by switching to variable speed pumps; LED pool lighting; high-tech iPhone monitoring applications; pool-side cameras; and salt chlorine generators.
Manage this by using the "sandwich technique" with your Pleaser.
Well, it was the Halloween season and, like The Nutcracker for Christmas, holiday programming is a surefire crowd pleaser.
Ain't Misbehavin' arranged by Don Heitler and Jim Lyke, is sure to be an audience pleaser no matter where or by whom it is played.
Golden Retriever: Accommodating and loyal, the golden retriever is a people pleaser and is most effective at team building.
will be donating a percentage of every Pleaser pizza to a children's charity of their choice.
In 1987, this perennial crowd pleaser virtually disappeared for a decade from MOMA'S walls.
Another crowd pleaser is I-drive's ability to collect and stream MP3s to share with friends.
Although sunflowers garnered favor in the past, the current crop of best buds include the rose -- a perennial pleaser -- as well as tulips, orchids and poppies.
With Irma Vep, however, he cooked up a crowd pleaser that openly stole from gothic romances, horror stories, and centuries-old Grand Guignol shock-theater devices.