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The goal of this study was to examine the role of the pleasurability of scratching in providing relief for itch," Yosipovitch explained.
Less clear, however, was the pleasurability of the corresponding rasas, a topic that gained importance especially after Anandavardhana tied the appreciation of poetry to the appreciation of rasa.
21) The "jouissance" of which Abbandonato speaks, sheer joy in the pleasurability of persons and things, is what makes life worth living - and is, Walker is convinced, the birthright of all.
Sherman portrays no naive notion of pleasurability or purity: her images luxuriate in desire and disgust, which, as Georges Bataille reminds us, are inextricably linked.
Combining PET and fMRI brain scans showed that dopamine release is greater for pleasurable versus neutral music, and that levels of release are correlated with the extent of emotional arousal and pleasurability ratings.