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However, in an about-face in mid-May, Ishikawa announced he would agree to the plebiscite and leave the decision over the plebiscite to the 76-member prefectural assembly.
Confusion between the concepts of a referendum and a plebiscite can be avoided by using the term direct votes to refer to public votes on a given issue where the binding effect of the votes has not been determined or to refer collectively to both referenda and plebiscites.
If the new Constitution is ratified in the plebiscite, no midterm elections will be held because the terms of congressmen and local officials will be extended until the election of new, federal officials.
If, subsequently, the Comelec issues a certification on the sufficiency of the people's initiative petition, then, and only then, can a plebiscite be called for the purpose of ratification by the electorate.
Before we hold the plebiscite, it is important that we educate the voters,' Roque told reporters in Filipino in Kalibo, Aklan.
For the second stage of such a plebiscite to succeed, it now only requires 1.
Moreover, when pt Nehru promised before the world community that a plebiscite will be held in J and K to decide its future and the world community pressurized India and Pakistan to do so through various resolutions on it, it was Mr Abdullah who in 1948 at UN Security Council opposed this demand.
UNCIP resolutions of 13 August 1948 and 5 January 1949 that the final disposition of the state will be made in accordance with the will of the people expressed through the democratic methods of a free and impartial plebiscite.
Now that the plebiscite legislation is dead, we again call marriage equality supporters across all political parties to work together to find a pathway," said Alex Greenwich, co-chair of rights group Australian Marriage Equality.
Labor leader Bill Shorten has indicated he will block the so-called plebiscite - a compulsory vote for all adult Australians - in the upper house, potentially halting any chances of marriage equality for another three years.
The minority wing representatives vowed that they were ready for every sacrifice and would not sit silent till the provision of plebiscite rights to Kashmiris.
That after further public consultation, the committee shall formulate a plebiscite question on PEI's voting system, and the question shall be in two parts, the first to gauge Islanders' interest in changing PEI's electoral system, and the second to indicate their preferred system among several options;