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They say that in wealth and plenitude of offspring you surpassed all that is in Lesbos, the realm of Makar to the northward, Phrygia that is more inland, and those that dwell upon the great Hellespont; but from the day when the dwellers in heaven sent this evil upon you, war and slaughter have been about your city continually.
Fewer night prowlers threatened them, and the men were commenting upon the fact that the farther north they had traveled the smaller the number of all species of animals became, though it was still present in what would have seemed appalling plenitude in any other part of the world.
There is much business to be done between Pakistan and Russia with the expanding market for gas of which we have a plenitude and expanded military cooperation.
During the same-day return flight following the tournament, guests will experience a plenitude of Dom Perignon P2 2000, and before landing at Palm Beach, guests will receive a personalized Dom Perignon gift.
In the TV series, Doctor Who, the Sisters of Plenitude are human forms of which animal?
Tom Stoppard's Plays: Patterns of Plenitude and Parsimony
A plenitude of world-class culinary luxuries such as premium caviar, fresh oysters and extravagant canap`s will be served along with internationally acclaimed beverages.
Elle a, en effet, souligne, mercredi dernier, la necessite de retablir la Mission des Nations unies pour l'organisation d'un referendum d'autodetermination au Sahara occidental (Minurso) dans la plenitude de ses fonctions.
1MDB is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, Plenitude Mentari Sdn.
Destes, 30,1% dos trabalhadores referem desconforto a sons de forte intensidade; 24% sentem zumbido; 22,9% se queixam de plenitude auricular; 21,6% relatam diminuicao auditiva e 13,2% referem otalgia apos exposicao ao ruido em forte intensidade e alguns mencionaram mais de uma queixa (Tabela 4).
American Jewish culture, high and low, is a plenitude, a cacophony, of Jewishnesses.
Read more about Schor's vision for a Plenitude economy at www.