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Thus, where the Eucharist is, there is the church in its plentitude.
L'Oreal Plentitude has introduced Revitalift Complete, an anti-wrinkle and firming treatment to fight signs of aging, leaving skin toned and hydrated while protecting it from future damage.
Let us glorify the Master Craftsman for all that has been done wisely and skillfully; and from the beauty of the visible things let us form an idea of Him who is more than beautiful; and from the greatness of these perceptible and circumscribed bodies let us conceive of Him who is infinite and immense and who surpasses all understanding in the plentitude of His power.
This points toward a plentitude of Earth-sized planets yet to be found.
If "desire is desire to achieve the imaginary plentitude of perfect recognition" (146), of full and perpetual possession, then the Sturm und Drang of the romance holds out the false promise of uniting one body rhapsodically with an/other.
Rose stands for the essence of beauty, but also for plentitude, a life fully lived.
Isn't this also the point about Scape, a character whose very presence in the narrative signifies the endless plentitude of character and event which Thackeray, as perennially self-conscious novelist, shuts out, must shut out, from his "history"?
The site offers visitors a plentitude of information on Kenworth's products and happenings in the trucking industry.
Nicole took her to the Missouri Breaks country south of the Bear Paw Mountains where there are a plentitude of pronghorns.
They will twine around and around, while the green beans and pumpkins will zigzag in a plentitude of directions.
It requires three things that America has in plentitude at the grass roots level, but evidently lacks at the White House and Congressional level: morality, a willingness to spend as much on peace as we do on war, and respect for global reality.
They reveal nature to be a living and dangerous realm, a vital plentitude that invites our awe-struck participation, not a dead realm that encourages our bullying mastery.