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And as for cabinet counsels, it may be their motto, plenus rimarum sum: one futile person, that maketh it his glory to tell, will do more hurt than many, that know it their duty to conceal.
Plenus to set up joint firm in Singapore with Thai restaurant chain
Ille ut erat columbina simplicitate plenus, inclinato capite: 'Nicolaus,' inquit, 'vestrae sanctitatis servus.
Plenus launches 2,000-shop 'Hotto Motto' lunchbox chain
Harel et al [eds], Human Adaptation to Extreme Stress: From the Holocaust to Vietnam, Plenus Press, New York.
The recycling technique will be introduced on Kyushu and in Yamaguchi Prefecture in January before Plenus extends its use across Japan within three years, Plenus officials said.
20] Unus saccidus plenus mearum epistolarum, electarum orationum, sermonum, epigrammatum, aliorumque collectorum grece et latine.
And Fantuzzi quoted Avicenna ("equitare non debet quis plenus, ne cibus antequam digeratur penetret aut sine digestione labatur, aut propter inundationem corrumpatur") and Galen ("quando mutus sequitur cibum, descendit cibus de stomaco praeter digestionem suam et intrat venas sine mutatione, et adducit in epate opilationem et renibus et reliquis membris morbum," 177).
Peeping Tom, Tete-a-Tete, February Gold and Jenny are all superb planted in large clumps, as are the sweetly scented jonquillas such as Jonquilla odorus, and its double form Plenus, Pipit and Curlew.
The company also completed a new $6 million fundraising round led by Carmel Ventures, Opus Capital, Pitango Venture Capital and Plenus, together with other existing shareholders.
The company is also developing clean water technologies using microbial fuel cells and is developing sustainable agricultural products through AgraCast, a company co-founded with Plenus S.