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This patient shares similarities with four of the patients from the literature in that pleural effusion was found in association with underlying interstitial lung disease (ILD) and autoimmune process secondary to PM-DM.
To determine (i) the positive predictive value (PPV) of high FADA test results for PTB; (ii) the most common causes of FPs and the demographic characteristics of tuberculous pleural effusions (TPEs) and non-tuberculous pleural effusions (NTPEs); (iii) the frequency of TPEs in HIV-positive and HIV-negative patients with pleural effusions; and (iv) the FADA levels in TPEs and NTPEs and in HIV-positive and -negative patients.
KS is one of the most common causes of pleural effusion in patients with AIDS.
The role of thoracoscopy in the evaluation and management of pleural effusions.
Pleural effusion, which may be a marker of thoracic involvement, affects about 6% of patients with MM (2, 3).
Two previous reports described pleural effusion complicating bronchogenic cyst; the first was a mediastinal bronchogenic cyst with a pleural effusion apparently unrelated to any other underlying disease, such as congestive heart failure or trauma, and the second was an intra-pulmonary bronchogenic cyst that ruptured and presented with a pleural effusion.
The complicated pleural effusion was evacuated (Figure 1b,c).
The analysis of pleural fluid adenosine deaminase (ADA) levels in the diagnosis of tuberculous pleural effusion (TPE) was established in 1978 by Piras et al (1).
Pleural effusion is one of the common complications of primary tuberculosis or in conjunction with pulmonary infiltrate typical of post primary tuberculosis (Seibert, Haynes, Middleton, & Bass, 1991).
Malignant pleural effusion is a frequent and often morbid side effect of advanced metastatic disease, and its symptoms may cause anxiety and emotional distress for patients as well as their families.