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Thoracolithiasis describes a mobile calcified or non-calcified loose body in the pleural space without prior trauma, intervention, or pleurisy.
Additionally, obliteration of the pleural space is achieved via pleurodesis using talc, pleural abrasion, or partial pleurectomy.
The pleural space is normally a subatmospheric pressure environment throughout the entire respiratory cycle.
The procedure led to an abnormal collection of air gathering in the pleural space, causing lack of oxygen.
Pleural effusion was found in 29 patients with ruptured cyst in the pleural space in our patient group.
Tuberculous pleurisy is thought to be the result of a delayed hypersensitivity reaction in response to the presence of mycobacterial antigens in the pleural space.
Disruption of flow in the thoracic duct results in mediastinal collection of chyle, which can leak into the pleural space resulting in chylothorax.
Excessive fluid accumulating within the pleural space is a common medical affliction and invariably indicates disease.
The hospital gets on average one or two patients a week with community-acquired bacterial pneumonia complicated by a pleural space infection.
Postulated mechanisms for the development of pleural effusions in patients with hepatic cirrhosis include: hypoalbuminemia and decreased oncotic pressure leakage of the plasma from the hypertensive azygos vein, lymphatic leak from the thoracic duct, passage of ascitic fluid to the pleural space by way of lymphatic channels in the diaphragm, and transfer of peritoneal fluid directly via diaphragmatic defects (2).
Also thoracocentesis may be performed where a needle is introduced into the pleural space to identify if fluid or air is present.