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In this study, patients with burn hypertrophic scars were selected for treatment with Er:YAG laser and assessed using VSS where the following parameters were assessed each one alone and for the total score (vascularity, pliability, pigmentation and height).
But while his pliability does not prevent his personal unhappiness (or allow him to formulate a plan for success), it does allow him to soften the emotional impact of the tragic events in his life.
After 15 days of operation, the fibrous growth had regressed to a greater extent and teat regained its normal pliability.
Un-Ringing the Bell: McGowan on Oppressive Speech and the Asymmetric Pliability of Conversations, ROBERT MARK SIMPSON
PE has a good flexibility and pliability, making it widely used for the surface of packaging that is used on regular and irregular containers that have to be kept away from humidity and chemical solvents.
KIRA features Toshiba's AirFlow II technology, a thin multiphase fan cooling system, as well as a stabilising hinge that increases the pliability of the lid when opening and closing the notebook and reduces screen bounce for touchscreen use.
Simply blend a cup of berries with a dab of honey to taste and for pliability, and spread out on a sheet greased with coconut oil.
Baumwald explains that the products' pliability allows the reusable packs to conform around the body and stay hot or cold for the doctor-recommended 20 minutes of pain relief therapy.
The Canadian Guernsey Girl cheese acquires a chewy pliability on the inside and retains a crunchy firm exterior despite the intense heat.
3) A radiated larynx commonly has decreased lubrication, diminished mucosal pliability, and chronic mild erythema and hypervascularity.
PPS encourages clients to consider recycled materials and select polyolefins that generally demonstrate the durability and pliability that is advantageous to the pack functionality.