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imagined reality In fact, in another universe there is a PC Plod who is as tangibly real as you or I, which makes my friendship with him in this universe patently actual.
Because that same idiot knows that when you wake to a heap of glass where the car window once was, yes, you COULD call the plod.
I also remember being sent home early when the snow got too deep and the long plod home.
Proceeds from the Plod will be given to a chosen charity at a later date.
The second LifeStyle Porthkerry Plod, organised in association with Penarth and Dinas Runners, takes place on Sunday, April 29 at 10am.
INS AND OUTS: Rod the Plod returns but his long-suffering aunt Jackie will be off
The show was set in and around magical Toy Town where Noddy lives with pals Mr Wobbly, Clockwork Mouse, Bumpy Dog and, of course, Mr Plod.
NODDY and his Toyland friends including Big-Ears and Mr Plod are coming to Warwickshire as part of their Summer Tour.
Twelve-month-old Mr Plod, a giant English rabbit, tips the scales at 17 and three-quarter pounds - and staff at the leading Black Country tourist attraction say he's still growing
The Pink Plod is taking place at Roath Park Lake, Cardiff, at 12.
He earned the nickname Rod the Plod after joining the police force.