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Leading Light's no plodder - his dam won the Queen Mary and his dad was no slow coach
Whether you are a super fast athlete or a plodder like me, it's nice to feel safe and in a pleasant environment whilst exercising.
PC James was always a bit of a plodder in every facet of his life.
Contractor address : Hollinwood Business Centre, Plodder Lane
Experienced Dubai campaigner Ernie Els, a three-time Desert Classic winner, has to be favourite against Paraguayan plodder Fabrizio Zanotti in the 5.
ormer England skipper Mike Atherton described Cook after taking the job as a plodder and a donkey, who may come up short as a one-day skipper.
Jose Enrique, a plodder for much of the campaign, suddenly looked like an adventurous leftback marauding down the wing time and again.
After another disastrous year, Leni Lomond vows to change her life - yep, somehow the ultimate skint plodder is determined to find a new job, a new man and a healthy bank balance.
To base his conspiracy book on when a letter arrived at Down House and to say that Darwin was not a genius but a plodder, shows how Mr Davies has wasted his "12 years" of research.
Peter Ridsdale paid pounds 7million for nothing more than a run-of-the-mill midfield plodder.
The plodder leading the convoy is driving at a fixed 43 mph, despite the fact that they are driving on a road with a 60mph limit.