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The material doesn't get stuck in plodding riffs and it kept my full attention.
To some people, Appleton seemed certain to spend its final years just plodding along, churning out niche products like carbonless and thermal paper in an increasingly paperless society.
permeates the last three works: the nostalgic Ehemals ("Old Times"), the dark and plodding Ungarisch ("Hungarian," supposedly an autobiographical sketch) and Polnisch (a mazurka in B-flat minor that erupts into a full-fledged tone poem).
On the other hand, DoCoMo--a historically plodding, corporate entity that regularly runs black and white snaps of its president in full-page newspaper ads touting the company's technology--bent over backwards to emphasize the youth-centric appeal of the sexy new i-mode handset series.
The attempt at streamlining renders it curiously plodding and occasionally silly: Nancy Drew Gets Her Ph.
There are a number of subplots and a corny performance by Stephen Fry as a plodding plod investigating a possible murder.
The spirit only succeeds in interrupting the flow of the dialogue and the pace of the action, which at times seems to move at a plodding pace.
Determined to extricate the woman he loves from seemingly airtight murder charges, the smooth-talking Bates matches wits with a plodding detective who is more interested in closing the case.
The novel presents the story of Pinkie Brown, a chilling, utterly evil 17-year-old gang leader who marries the plodding Rose in order to insure her silence about his crimes.
Rather, the author lays out his copious research in a clear and somewhat plodding fashion.
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