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To be fair I was just plodding along quite be fair I was just plodding along quite T happy in second," said Pattison.
These might have been redeemed by some witty, allusive or even varied music but Nyman's musical palette was a drab one of few chords, plodding rhythms and little dynamic range.
Jay, Reeve, Evan and Ross discuss the plodding pace of the special session, the revelation of Tea Party leader's racially tinged remarks and the state's lagging levels of civic engagement.
TONY Walker of Rail Futures says the East Coast Main Line needs imagination and has been a very plodding line for too long.
Then, on a showery day of unremitting grey skies, Durham spent the day plodding along on a good track at between two and three an over.
BROKEN liNES 15, 97mins Just out THIs well-performed london-set drama, starring Paul Bettany, Olivia Williams and Doraly Rosa, is rich in atmosphere but rather laboured and plodding.
Lottie, who escaped in August 2008, leaving her nine-year old owner Maddie Tibble distraught, was found plodding along a street close to her owner's home in Grays, Essex.
He's probably one of the masters of plodding his way around a golf course.
I used to be fairly aggressive when playing this course but now I'm going to have to rely more on strategy and patiently plodding my way around.
55 Newbury Well backed on his handicap debut at Ludlow three weeks ago, and although he wasn't disgraced, plodding on into fifth, his backers didn't get paid and connections will be hoping this step up to 3m1/2f will be the making of him.
Plodding through this book can be a maddening exercise, what with its paeans to progressive icons (Cornel West
A modified joint might have made all the difference to scurrying crabs as they diverged from their plodding lobsterlike brethren.