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They also tend to be ploddingly slow decisionmakers.
Desegregating institutions such as the American Federation of Musicians and all of its local chapters happened ploddingly and with much dispute.
Wendy Alexander, and substituted the ploddingly sound lain Gray, who has been unkindly described as modelling himself on Gordon Brown but without the charisma.
He spoke slowly, almost ploddingly at time, and went on long enough to get through two tall glasses of water during the clapping, and there was no trendy wandering around the stage.
It's a heroic story, but one delivered in a ploddingly familiar fashion with beautiful actors doing their best to give their noble characters a trace of humanity.
or our aging hero Charles complaining of an ominous dizzy spell just after completing another exhausting day's work on Edwin Drood--can over the long haul make for ploddingly laboured going.
I have led tours for gay men for more than 40 years, all over the world, and it is always the young men who drive to the gym, the supermarket, and their place of work who make no practical use of their ploddingly acquired muscle.
Carrere doesn't call his book a novel, nor does The Adversary disinvite the consumer of true-crime books; still, there are books that ploddingly belong to genre writing, and other, nominally genre, works that don't.
In fact, most developments in processes and tools have been ploddingly incremental.
11 (2001), we have quietly but persistently and consistently and ploddingly built the networks and the dragnets that are now waiting the catch.
Sad Sestina" demonstrates eloquently that it's flux which truly characterizes duration: how amazingly things can and do change through time--even as things may seem to our ploddingly habitual minds to remain the same.
I was half expecting a forthrightly pedantic and in the end (at least, given my own tastes) ploddingly dull monograph that followed the usual formulaic listing of "seminal contributions" on the road to full mathematization.