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Senior leaders are notorious for making pragmatic, ploddingly linear decisions especially when faced with breakthrough technologies.
Perhaps less successful was Litton's rather lumpen performance of Finzi's delightful Eclogue for Piano and Strings, a piece full of English gentility and wistfulness which began rather ploddingly, but improved as it progressed.
This means that the essays and reviews in Modern Age were to be scholarly in tone and precise in argument, but not ploddingly technical and self-consciously academic.
232) Church taxes had been permanently, albeit ploddingly, abolished in the United States.
Set to a soundtrack of Led Zep, Mott the Hoople and The Osmonds, this predictable rites of passage yarn works ploddingly through a storyline featuring selfishness and redemption.
But this year's ploddingly incompetent contestants simply aren't bad enough.
Earthy, raw off-kilter rock that ranges from vivid rancour to dark soul-searching and gets more and more brooding until out of the blackness looms the best track of the lot, the ploddingly normal A Different Tide.
RAYMEARSNORTHERN WILDERNESS Bushcraft expert Ray Mears dismissed outdoors man Bear Grylls as a "boy scout" and while he has a point, his own efforts can sometimes seem ploddingly over-earnest in contrast.
Every twist and turn, every deus ex machina, is so ploddingly anticipated as to be robbed of dramatic impact: the identities of Dr.
Desegregating institutions such as the American Federation of Musicians and all of its local chapters happened ploddingly and with much dispute.
Wendy Alexander, and substituted the ploddingly sound lain Gray, who has been unkindly described as modelling himself on Gordon Brown but without the charisma.
He spoke slowly, almost ploddingly at time, and went on long enough to get through two tall glasses of water during the clapping, and there was no trendy wandering around the stage.