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It was on one of the couch-burning plots that she laboured with her fork, its four shining prongs resounding against the stones and dry clods in little clicks.
That was all that anyone knew, nor did Lady Greystoke dream of the possible identity of the man at the bottom of the plot until her husband told her of the escape of Nikolas Rokoff from the French prison where they had hoped he was permanently confined.
I am conversant with the plot of those who took him.
Instantly he knew that he was the victim of a plot, and that far from rescuing his son he had himself fallen into the hands of his enemies.
The Courier has a conscience; and with a view to keeping it easy, insists that he shall be left in ignorance of that part of the plot which relates to the sequestration of my Lord.
And now, worst of all, I am told that a very deeply laid plot on the part of some of you will compel her to leave England almost at once, and that her safety depends upon her inducing Reginald Brott to accompany her.
First, they are small enough, at around a quarter to a half acre, that any deer that enters the plot is likely to wind up within bow range.
The allottees of category-1 plot will be required to deposit Rs50,000, category-2 plot Rs250,000; category-3 Rs200,000; category-4 plot Rs150,000 and allottees of category-5 plot will have to pay Rs100,000 with the application.
Also, the smaller you can make a plot and still grow enough forage to draw deer for weeks on end, the better it usually is for buck activity.
It cost at least 70,000 Omani rials (Dh664,719) to obtain a plot in the Bausher province of the Muscat governorate.
The High Court asked HUDA to submit a list of allottees who were given more than one plot.
00 billion approximately from its recent auction of residential and commercial plots.