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It is said that officials of the land directorate after allegedly getting bribe allotted the plots in I-11.
There is an estimated 8 percent growth per year in the value of cemetery plots.
Besides the cancellation of these plots from the date of their allotment, all agreements, lease deeds and the transfer orders of the above plots would also stand cancelled with effect from the date of their issuance, the notification added.
Now the illegal sales, purchase of these plots were going on without any fear and justification and on the other hand actual owners of these plots were mourning on this alarming situation.
There was a rise in the issued residential plots in Musandam, which rose to 503 from last
These small plots are the last place the deer (especially the bucks during the rut) visit before bedding in the morning and the first place they visit upon rising in the afternoon.
Those who did receive plots of land from the government but did not use them for more than five years will be asked to return their lands according to bylaws, the committee asserted.
These new, fairer fees will see many allotment users pay less for their plots.
At the same time, hunters need to realize that adding open-field food plots to their private property or favorite hunting lease does not mean that it's going to be any easier to start slaying monsters.
CDA auctioned 12 residential plots for Rs 165 million on Tuesday.
Centre manager Simon Millar said: "We have 44 GYO plots that we are renting out to gardeners wishing to grow their own food and we're keen to offer one to a community group for the members to use for free.
Plots were randomly assigned as follows: 2 controls (no ticks), 2 with 12 ticks each released in them, 2 with 25 each, and 2 with 50 ticks each.