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ISLAMABAD -- All Parties Hurriyet Conference has termed the recent attacks perpetrated by the right wing Hindu communal groups against the Muslims in Jammu and Rajouri as part of a ploy to change the demographic character and increase the regional tension in the territory.
How else but as a communications ploy, could the appointment of Amabassador Andreas Mavroyiannis as negotiator be viewed?
As I indicated above, these five NCLB PAP Ploys are state-level -- not school-level -- contrivances.
Texas Air's chairman was notorious with labor for a ploy he pulled off with an earlier acquisition: after buying Continental Airlines he had filed for bankruptcy, which let him repudiate union contracts, lay off two-thirds of the labor force, and cut wages by half.
This was an attempt on the part of early Christians to infiltrate pagan traditions with the truth of the resurrection, a move designed to demonstrate that only Christ could protect people from the ploys of Satan.
Sitting across the chessboard from Feng-Hsiung Hsu, the IBM research scientist who has been moving the pieces at the behest of Deep Blue, Kasparov has engaged in his usual scowling, brow-furrowing, head-shaking and chin-gripping, the sometimes ostentatious displays of emotion that human opponents have often spoken of as intimidating psychological ploys.