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The Sheriff was will to pluck a prodigal with the next man, and he was moreover glad to have a guest who promised to enliven the feast.
Pluck out my other eye, and give it to her, and her father will not beat her.
I will stay with you one night longer," said the Swallow, "but I cannot pluck out your eye.
I take my vow, I felt my stomach quake when I beheld thee pluck up yon green tree as thou didst.
Yes, yes," he said, "you have some of your father's spirit, some of his pluck too.
He has helped me to see the other man - half-savage, splendidly masterful, forging his way through to success by sheer pluck and unswerving obstinacy.
And Cocky, only a few ounces in weight, less than half a pound, a tiny framework of fragile bone covered with a handful of feathers and incasing a heart that was as big in pluck as any heart on the Mary Turner, became almost immediately Michael's friend and comrade, as well as ruler.
It doesn't take pluck to fight for one's moment, but it takes pluck to go without--a lot.
Designed to surprise you, Lord Frederick,' said Mr Pluck.
But place yourself here, and when Death comes--I expect him every moment--do not let him pluck the flower up, but threaten him that you will do the same with the others.
In a steeplechase it all depends on riding and on pluck," said the Englishman.
And in your garden the man must never pluck the last of your posies.