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We advertise it's all plucked after slaughter - nobody dares buy it if you say it's live-plucked.
The next goose was partially plucked, but missing a leg and had a series of deep gashes in the breast meat.
With the software project pluck-n-play they aim to develop innovative software for plucked string instruments.
Rihanna is flaunting stolen property, in this case feathers possibly plucked right off their rightful owners' backs," the Daily Star quoted PETA spokeswoman Sandra Smiley as saying.
Secret filming at one Hungarian farm showed more than 4,000 geese being plucked alive.
She said: "I was shocked by the evidence of geese being plucked alive in Hungary and other European countries.
Coastguard spokesman Chief Petty Officer Robert Lanier said 134 people had been plucked from the ice.
For plants that survived, he plucked off leaves burned by the cold.
All I've ever plucked have been eyebrows, but the principle must be the same except you use fingers instead of tweezers and pull in the direction they grow.
I saw video of an old rooster being plucked and was sold on the Whizbang.