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This is to certify that James Smith is a member of The Plucky Class of the Hampton Institute, and is in good and regular standing.
We lifted the plucky fellow into Raffles's place in the pantry, locked the door on him, and put the key through the panel.
Plucky little chaps they are, and hardly gave a squeak.
LATE Late host Ryan Tubridy was feeling plucky as he began his search for the stars of this year's Christmas Toy Show.
Departure is a new jazz album by Plucky Strum (the duo name for music artists Sheryl Bailey and Harvie S), crafted with Sheryl's electric guitar playing, the hypnotic bass of Harvie, electronic enhancements, and more.
Alder FC need a Shaun Davies goal to see off a plucky challenge from Edge Hill BCOB.
30pm THE mighty Bayern Munich are in German Cup action tonight, so pity the plucky minnows who stand in their way, writes Graham Woods.
It's very easy to see us as plucky runners-up, but not one person in this entire environment has ever said that is the case.
The Calcutta Cup showdown has become a must-win encounter and England's forwards coach said: "We don't want to be the plucky losers.
Pepita and the Bully" is a bilingual illustrated children's book about a plucky heroine named Pepita who has to find ways to deal with a bully girl named Babette.
Summary: JOHANNESBURG, Jun 03, SPA -- Even a plucky chicken which has for months avoided becoming road kill on a Johannesburg intersection, can&'t escape the crime-ridden city&'s crooks, according to Reuters.
What a contrast to plucky Jessica Watson, who wanted to be the youngest person to sail solo around the world.