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Obturation was performed with a heated plugger, the excess of gutta-percha was removed, and a cold plugger was used for vertical condensation of the filling material.
The FS snugs up on the tailback while Sam becomes the plugger.
21 shows a dog plugger giving another dog plugger a haircut.
He worked with a folk trio called The Roadrunners in the late 1950s, then as a song plugger and songwriter in New York City.
Born in London Richards started out in 1952 as a song plugger for music publisher.
In fact, there is no spare space anywhere in this little mud plugger.
Our record plugger and PR company are also used by the major labels so we act like a major label act but we're able to do our own thing," Adam says.
Mr Finch, a former record plugger for Elton John, set up Toffs in 1991 from his dining table on Tyneside and was soon joined by his wife, who left behind her career in the hotel industry.
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