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6 shows the FS on the F, Sam takes the T, while Mike becomes the plugger.
In fact, instead of enquiring whether Tom's decision to come out was influenced by the publicity requirements of his upcoming ITV show, Rossy (ITV's very own plugger in residence) wondered whether his hand had been forced by those pesky newspaper gossips.
He worked with a folk trio called The Roadrunners in the late 1950s, then as a song plugger and songwriter in New York City.
In the mud around Loch Ness, and even in the shallows of the loch itself, the Yeti proved itself a capable mud plugger.
He said: "A friend is a song plugger in America and he placed it with the agency making the Dentyne commercial.
In sales terms, THIS is THE world league topper, the mud plugger people love to buy.
Certain parts of the country tend to inspire more plugger ideas than others, he said.
We need a plugger in the lane and a we need a guy to rebound.
Born in London Richards started out in 1952 as a song plugger for music publisher.
In fact, there is no spare space anywhere in this little mud plugger.