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Meanwhile, in Xinyi Township, the plum trees are also about 50 percent in bloom, thanks to constant rainfall and cool temperatures, said Chang Sheng-cheng, head of Dream Works of the Mei (plum), which is run by the Xinyi Township Farmers' Association.
This year the rain was also adequate and the quality of the fruits is therefore very good," plum dealer Abdul Hameed said.
Comment: Dried plums (prunes) have previously been shown to prevent bone loss in an animal model of osteoporosis and at a dose of 100 g per day in humans.
If the campaign to achieve PGI Status is successful the plum would also be added to a small list of designated naive UK products, that includes food such as Pembrokeshire Potatoes and Parma Ham.
An increase in the drying rate was caused by a rupturing of the plum skin, which in turn was caused by localized high water vapor pressures generated in tissues close to the plum's skin surface.
Organiser Alan Abbott said: "We will have real plum trees for sale and an array of goodies such as pork and plum pies, plum cakes, tarts, plum curds, jams, chutneys, and plum fruits all from the producers, and we are also offering free tastings of damson gin in the cafe.
Quick Print singles out Plum Grove for its exceptional growth rate and profitability relative to the commercial printing industry.
This year we invited several foreign friends to join us making crispy plums.
Food group Campbell Soup Company (NYSE:CPB) has signed an agreement to acquire Plum Organics, it revealed on Thursday.
The line includes Purple Country Bread, Purple Swirl Loaf Cake and Purple Dinner Rolls, all featuring Sunsweet's Plum Amazins, purple wheat and purple corn, along with I I other grains.
Working from the outside in, arrange plum slices in circular spirals.
The 50-year-old lawyer faces a hectic few weeks, after Pershore's annual month-long Plum Festival kicked off yesterday.