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Since there is no strong evidence identifying the accused as main plunderer, there can also be no showing of strong evidence against him," the resolution read.
The Sandiganbayan added that the Supreme Court had already upheld a new requirement that the main plunderer in the information sheet of any plunder case filed in court must be identified.
The Nehru family has turned into plunderer and they assume India as their personal property.
Trespeces) dissented because, to quote Trespeces, 'there is strong evidence of Estrada's guilt as the main plunderer for whose benefit the amassing of wealth was undertaken by all of the accused .
We on the other hand will have to stomach pension plunderer and stealth tax expert Gordon Brown being anointed by the Labour party as the next Prime Minister.
It reiterated that the identification of the main plunderer 'is also essential to safeguard the rights of all the accused to be properly informed of the charges against them.
Unlike the Wombles plunderer Charles Koppel, those poor sods are all skint.
Estrada,' so he could not have been the 'main plunderer.
YORK plunderer Sir Michael Stoute kept on a winning roll at Newmarket yesterday when he dug out another smart two-year-old, Karatsa, on his local course.
Scottish rugby's top man last night dangled the gauntlet under the nose of millionaire plunderer Sir John Hall and declared: If you want a war, you've got one.
Suffice it to say that when plunder is a collective act undertaken by more than one accused, there is no main plunderer to speak of.
That doctrine requires the main plunderer or mastermind to be clearly identified and the principal role he/she played in the scheme of things specified.