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The video footage uploaded on the internet by opposition forces show how soldiers fighting for regime are plundering the articles on civil pick ups while others patrolling the area.
Iranian officials have often accused Washington of plundering Afghanistan as well, but they have not explained what the Americans have plundered from that impoverished country.
Smooth, Digable Planets, Gang Starr and De La Soul are among the rappers who recently have started plundering old swinging jazz records, though they've so far shied away from pure blues.
Germans came to accept Western democracy despite the occasional violence and widespread plundering they experienced at the hands of American, British, and French soldiers, but Peterson limits himself to commenting that such practices, and the arrogance and authoritarianism of many military government officials, undercut efforts at democratization.
ISLAMABAD -- The Lahore High Court on Friday disposed of a 24-year-old case seeking lifetime disqualification of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on accusations of illegally amassing foreign assets by plundering the national exchequer.